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A Rainy Day in Venice

There’s a lot to be said for hitting the ground running and as we approach our 60th day on the road, there’s been a lot of running. Our time in Venice was effectively cut in half by a day-long deluge of cold, soaking rain. Without knowing in advance the fate of our Venetian vacation, we … Continue reading »

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Captivated by Cinque Terre

Like lichens clinging to rock, the five cliff-side villages of Italy’s Cinque Terre lie harmoniously between sea and slate in a land much forgotten by modern man. Today, trains link these sleepy villages bringing a flow of tourist dollars to the hardworking hands of local farmers and fishermen. Not long ago, one’s livelihood was directly … Continue reading »

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Uncovering Pompeii

Rain fell from the sky as we explored the stone streets of Pompeii, a far cry from the August day thousands of years prior when a cloud of ash and fire consumed the small coastal retreat. Entombed in hardened pumice and covered in ages of debris, Pompeii brings to sight the life and culture of … Continue reading »

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Rome: A Religous Experience

Rome, Italy: April 18 – 24 Relics of another time stand frozen among the bustling metropolis of Rome. Scattered throughout the city, temple pillars and palace columns rise from the ground like stubborn redwoods. But beyond the staggering antiquity of this tourist wonderland lies a deep reverence for all things sacred. Catholicism is evident throughout … Continue reading »

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