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A Year Past

There stand in my mind, mountains and monuments whose names I cannot recall, but friends made along the way remain. Nearly a year has come and gone since we first set sail. April of 2011 brought with it the embarkation of a great journey, one that would take my wife and me across much of … Continue reading »

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A Taste of Germany

At half the size of Texas, Germany covers a generous portion of northern Europe from Alps in the south to low plains in the north. A six hour train ride from Munich will land travelers in Germany’s capital and largest city, Berlin. In a state of near ruins after World War II, Berlin suffered a … Continue reading »

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Past and Present Bavaria

In the south of Germany, a wooded, rural area exists bordered in part by the Alps and the Black Forest. This Bavarian countryside is dominated by agriculture and the ever increasing wind and solar farms. Towns and villages dot the green hills while cosmopolitan Munich lies in the uppermost reaches of the region. Once under … Continue reading »

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Adventures in Switzerland

In Switzerland’s Jungfrau , snow-capped peaks caress the sky as clouds hide their lofty summits. Valleys separated by a single ridge of mountains seem worlds apart offering distinctly different views and experiences within a few minutes travel. The well-known, tourist laden Interlaken, complete with the American bred Hooters franchise, acts as a gateway to this … Continue reading »

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A Rainy Day in Venice

There’s a lot to be said for hitting the ground running and as we approach our 60th day on the road, there’s been a lot of running. Our time in Venice was effectively cut in half by a day-long deluge of cold, soaking rain. Without knowing in advance the fate of our Venetian vacation, we … Continue reading »

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Rome: A Religous Experience

Rome, Italy: April 18 – 24 Relics of another time stand frozen among the bustling metropolis of Rome. Scattered throughout the city, temple pillars and palace columns rise from the ground like stubborn redwoods. But beyond the staggering antiquity of this tourist wonderland lies a deep reverence for all things sacred. Catholicism is evident throughout … Continue reading »

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Youthful Barcelona

April 16-18, Barcelona, Spain A hip urban hotspot, Barcelona is a Mecca of culture, art and history as well as home to a burgeoning youth population of both locals and tourists alike. Maniacally loyal fútbol fans, masterpieces from a native architectural genius and old world European charm make Barcelona an energetic and lovely city embracing … Continue reading »

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Seeing Southern Spain

Malaga and Valencia, Spain: April 14 & 15, 2011 Though vastly different in size and scope, Malaga and Valencia share the warmth found on Spain’s Mediterranean coast. Often successive ports of call for sea going cruise guests, these dynamic cities can easily pass by in a blur. Take time to see the sights and indulge … Continue reading »

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Exploring Tenerife

Tenerife, Canary Islands: April 11, 2011 Memorials dot the winding roadside that climbs towards Tiende, Spain’s highest peak. The evidence of tragic death clashes against a backdrop of vibrant flora vying in futility for attention amid a tropical paradise. This road leading toward the summit along Tenefrie’s northern coast passes through several microclimates before punching … Continue reading »

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