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Oh the places you will go.

A Year Past

There stand in my mind, mountains and monuments whose names I cannot recall, but friends made along the way remain. Nearly a year has come and gone since we first set sail. April of 2011 brought with it the embarkation of a great journey, one that would take my wife and me across much of … Continue reading »

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A Royal Journey

England, Britain, Great Britain, United Kingdom … oh there’s a difference. Despite the obvious historical connection to America, those of us on this side of the pond often use these names interchangeably – even when they’re not. The all-encompassing United Kingdom, however, is a safe bet when struggling with locations within the British Isles. Including … Continue reading »

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Finding France … In a Flash

With only a week to see an entire country, start by finding what interests you and your travel companions to design a trip tailored to suit individual needs and desires. For us, France was the goal, a tall order for only seven days. From the Mediteranean Riviera in the South to the Atlantic coast in … Continue reading »

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A Taste of Germany

At half the size of Texas, Germany covers a generous portion of northern Europe from Alps in the south to low plains in the north. A six hour train ride from Munich will land travelers in Germany’s capital and largest city, Berlin. In a state of near ruins after World War II, Berlin suffered a … Continue reading »

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Past and Present Bavaria

In the south of Germany, a wooded, rural area exists bordered in part by the Alps and the Black Forest. This Bavarian countryside is dominated by agriculture and the ever increasing wind and solar farms. Towns and villages dot the green hills while cosmopolitan Munich lies in the uppermost reaches of the region. Once under … Continue reading »

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Adventures in Switzerland

In Switzerland’s Jungfrau , snow-capped peaks caress the sky as clouds hide their lofty summits. Valleys separated by a single ridge of mountains seem worlds apart offering distinctly different views and experiences within a few minutes travel. The well-known, tourist laden Interlaken, complete with the American bred Hooters franchise, acts as a gateway to this … Continue reading »

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A Rainy Day in Venice

There’s a lot to be said for hitting the ground running and as we approach our 60th day on the road, there’s been a lot of running. Our time in Venice was effectively cut in half by a day-long deluge of cold, soaking rain. Without knowing in advance the fate of our Venetian vacation, we … Continue reading »

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Captivated by Cinque Terre

Like lichens clinging to rock, the five cliff-side villages of Italy’s Cinque Terre lie harmoniously between sea and slate in a land much forgotten by modern man. Today, trains link these sleepy villages bringing a flow of tourist dollars to the hardworking hands of local farmers and fishermen. Not long ago, one’s livelihood was directly … Continue reading »

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On Sacred Ground

From Easter to Israel, a trip designed to explore Europe quickly turned into so much more. Itineraries changed and destinations were added landing us on another continent exploring lands only read about and seeing sights only dreamed of. With the addition of unexpected religious experiences, a backpacking adventure morphed into a journey of personal growth … Continue reading »

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Uncovering Pompeii

Rain fell from the sky as we explored the stone streets of Pompeii, a far cry from the August day thousands of years prior when a cloud of ash and fire consumed the small coastal retreat. Entombed in hardened pumice and covered in ages of debris, Pompeii brings to sight the life and culture of … Continue reading »

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