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Youthful Barcelona

Posted by on May 14, 2011

April 16-18, Barcelona, Spain

A hip urban hotspot, Barcelona is a Mecca of culture, art and history as well as home to a burgeoning youth population of both locals and tourists alike.

Maniacally loyal fútbol fans, masterpieces from a native architectural genius and old world European charm make Barcelona an energetic and lovely city embracing qualities and characteristics from every era.

Sagrada Familia

Inside Sagrada Familia

Along the port coast, cargo ships and luxurious yachts line the docks adjacent to a street littered with bars, restaurants and gelato shops. To the north, Güell Park and other green spaces dot the hillsides overlooking the city. Nestled between the sea and foothills, Barcelona buzzes with activity at all hours.

The center of Barcelona’s nocturnal world is Las Ramblas, a lively street lined with trees, vendors, performers, shops and eateries. Restaurants serve local cuisine in outdoor seating, most popularly appetizer sized dishes known as tapas and the local rice dish, paella.

Historical and monumental sites are found throughout the city including Castle Montjuic presiding over the city with a storied history in which the defensive structure was used against the city in several instances.

Many prominent sites revolve around one man, architect Antoni Gaudí. Commissioned for cathedrals, homes and recreational spaces, Gaudí left his mark on his native Barcelona. Projects often associated with the artist are the residential Casa Batilló and La Pedrera showcasing his work with unique non-linear surfaces, intricate wrought iron and haunting geometric figures. Gaudí also devised innovative functional characteristics into his projects making extraordinary use of natural light and in La Pedrera, an apartment complex, he created a structure requiring no interior load bearing walls.

Sagrada Familia altar

Altar of Sagrada Familia

The pinnacle of Gaudí’s work culminates within Sagrada Familia, the unfinished cathedral more than 120 years in the making. Begun

in 1882, Sagrada Familia was designed by Gaudí utilizing nature as a blueprint for his masterpiece. Working on the Sagrada Familia until his death, Gaudí laid the foundation for generations to follow. Construction is expected to be complete sometime in the first third of this century.

The colossal size of Sagrada Familia from beyond its walls is somewhat unfathomable, but the manner in which sunlight throughstained glass plays upon the stone – vastly more so. In awe struck wonder, visitors shuffle across the immense marble floor with necks craned and eyes to the sky like turkeys waiting for rain. Showered upon them instead is the monumental ability of man focused in heavenly devotion.

Like the unending construction at Sagrada Familia, so too is the path of life. Our plans may change and our route diverted for a time but we remain focused on the road ahead. Come what may, be it hardships or joy, we should all strive to seize the day and revel in the thought of a completed life well lived.

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